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ConnectThe2 S6 Ep 14: NEW SERIES: Storyology

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Introducing Storyology...

Storyology is a new series on the ConnectThe2 Podcast! On this series, co-hosts Millie and Rich talk about their process at Connect2 Communications and how they shape stories at the right place and time to appeal to storytellers. The storytellers in question are reporters and the companies themselves. Co-host Rich explains that, “A lot of times, PR people consider themselves storytellers. The storytellers really are the companies or the reporters because ultimately the reporter has the pen and ink, or keyboard and URL.”

The importance of a Storyology mindset...

Co-hosts Rich and Mille fully believe “that the right story can move markets and ultimately change everything for a company.” In each episode of this series, they will do a deep dive on a company that was positively affected by Storyology and explore how this process changed the market around them.

Hear more…

If you've enjoyed these takeaways, be sure to listen to the full Storyology introduction linked below. Also, be sure to listen to, rate and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadio or Soundcloud.


  • “Storyology is the art and science of mixing a complete story.” (02:20-02:25)

  • “It's really about listening to the market and understanding what's happening.” (03:58-04:01)

  • “A martini is great with a steak dinner on a cold night or a hot toddy by the fire, but you wouldn’t serve that at the beach. The beach is for daiquiris and margaritas. Well you mix different things based on what you are serving and when.” (04:18-04:30)

Learn more about Connect2 Communications:

Twitter handle: @Connect2_Comm

Instagram handle: @connect2_comm

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