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At Connect2, our super power is intellectual curiosity. We believe telling the right story, at the right time, can change everything. What's your story?

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Who We Are

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We're people, we're a team, we're experienced. We've done remarkable things for a lot of companies. We've helped tell stories about people, teams, technology, products, customers and markets in a wide variety of  technology, retail, public policy, hospitality and entertainment clients and people.  We create programs that tell complete stories, inform and create pull from the market place. We make stories deeper, richer and more compelling.

What's your story?

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What We Do

Public Relations

This is how we tell your story as your company grows, evolves and celebrates milestones. Centered on the news you generate, we make sure your story is heard.

Analyst Relations

This is how we create champions for you that understand where you're going, why you'll win and how you are shaping your market.

Social Media

This is how we amplify your message and engage with influencers that can help move your company forward. 

Research and Analysis

This is how we help you understand the market and the way it values your contribution and impact.

Media Relations

This is how we help you shape the market around you, showcase thought leadership, express domain expertise and tell the relevant, adjacent stories about industry impact.

Content Creation

This is how we help create content that motivates, educates and engages with your customers, prospects and partners. 

Crisis Management

This is how we help you navigate through challenging times so that you emerge stronger.

Messaging and Strategy

This is how we define the market by your strengths, overcome objections and expand the range and reach of your message.




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Kevin Morgan/ CMO,Clearfield

Connect2 is an extension of our marketing team at Clearfield. The team is responsive not only to our needs, but also has the relationships with the industry’s editors and analysts that matter most in terms of moving our business forward.
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