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ConnectThe2 S6, E16: Storyology: The Role of Intent in PR

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

So, what are the most important elements of an effective PR plan? Hosts Millie and Rich would argue that intent ranks high on that list. On today’s episode of Storyology, Millie and Rich describe the core factors that go into any successful PR campaign. Spoiler alert: most of them involve intent!

Intent is Crucial...

Rich explains that intent starts with identifying the “why.” In order to define the “why,” you must be able to ask the right questions to your clients. To curate the best questions, understanding the goal of the piece is imperative. Rich tells listeners that they must determine who it is that they ultimately WANT to influence.

The Importance of Intentional Questions...

Throughout the Storyology series, Millie and Rich have highlighted the importance of questions. In this Storyology segment, they point to the connections between intent and questions. Millie offers some helpful tips for getting intentional answers from your clients, masterfully shaping the client's story with questions, and approaching a story from multiple angles to glean new insights.

Not All Press Is Good Press…

Rich is a staunch believer that not all press is good press. At most companies, the spokespeople have several other larger responsibilities. So, if they’re taking time away from their main role to write an article or communicate something with the press, was it worth it? Did this communication tangibly work towards company goals? If not, then a company may want to reconsider its PR approach.

Hear more…

If you've enjoyed these takeaways, be sure to listen to the full Storyology episode linked below. Also, be sure to listen to, rate and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadio or Soundcloud.


  • “A lot of companies and people think of PR as a means to put information out there. And they believe that the market will just understand. But PR doesn't operate in a vacuum. It's a partnership.” (00:17-00:25 | Millie)

  • “It's really understanding what the goal is not just of the piece of writing, but how that piece fits within the overall story that the company is trying to tell. Because everything they do from a product to a partnership, customer to new hire, to new program, all should be a part of a bigger story that is bigger than what they're doing in the moment.” (03:56-04:16 | Rich)

  • “You just have to understand what are the assets you have to bring and then how you use those to help the market understand the impact you're having.” (05:15-05:26 | Rich)

  • “​​It doesn't happen without work. It doesn't happen without communicating the right things at the right time.” (14:50-14:58 | Rich)

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