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Make a PR Splash at Your Next Industry Event

As PR professionals, we are often asked, “How can I create PR opportunities at this upcoming industry event?” The answer is probably easier than you think. Here you will learn a few easy tips on how to leverage PR to make the biggest splash at your event. But first you will need to answer a couple of questions… Question #1: Are there press and analyst attending this event?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. I don’t know.

If you answered “Yes,” then proceed to Question #2. If you answered “No,” then this probably is not the right event to focus on media and analysts opportunities. If you answered “I don’t know,” don’t worry! Often, event organizers will share attending press and analyst information with your company’s events team. You can also send a friendly email to the event organizers asking if press and analysts usually attend and, if so, when that information can be shared. Once you see the list, evaluate if the attending editors and analysts are applicable to your company. If they are, proceed to Question #2.

Question #2: What is your goal for PR at the event?

  1. Increase booth traffic and potential sales opportunities.

  2. Increase visibility in event media coverage.

  3. Improve relationships with media and analysts attending the event.

If you answered “a”: Consider publishing an announcement one to two weeks ahead of the event. The announcement can be about a new solution launching at the event, a new customer (perfect if that customer will also be at the event), or even a new milestone reached. In the last line of your press release, add a call to action: “To learn more, visit us at Booth #202 at Industry Event.” That should help drive traffic to your booth from prospects that might not know your company yet and help those that do find you.

If you answered “b” or “c”: Consider publishing an announcement during the event, on the morning of the first full day of the conference. Many editors will reserve their event coverage for news that is made at the show and for keynote speaker highlights. Editors and analysts pack their schedules as full as possible during events and it is easier to grab a spot if you have news. Also, if you can offer a C-level spokesperson, that can also increase your chance of booking the meeting.

Once you have figured out when to make your announcement, share your news with the attending press and analyst list as well as any trade, vertical, business, and/or local press and analysts that would be interested in your news. Also, make sure to ask event organizers about any social media hashtags associated with the event so you can use with any posts about your company’s news, booth, speaking opportunities, or demos.

What if your company is not able to announce anything at the event? If you still need to point more feet to your booth, try to secure a speaking slot. You can access those through event sponsorship or through the formal Call for Speakers process. If you still want to leverage the event to improve media and analyst relations, try asking them to a coffee or cocktail during breaktimes. A short, friendly introduction or reconnect could be a great way to make a referenceable memory the next time you do have news.

Connect2 would love to help your company expand successful PR opportunities at events and beyond to ensure the editors and analysts you care about most understand your company’s mission and why it matters to the industry. Contact us today to learn more at

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