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ConnectThe2 S6, E17: Storyology: Influencing the Influencers via Analyst Relations

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Katie Smith is an Account Executive at Connect2 Communications, with a focus in Analyst Relations (AR). The first Connect2 colleague featured as a guest on our Storyology series, Katie shares her insights on what an analyst relations program can do for your business. Katie owns and operates the Analyst Relations program at Connect2, and she specializes in working to build relationships with industry analysts, track their reports, and better understand her clients’ goals.

Analysts as a helpful resource...

Katie is passionate about exploring how clients can interact and use analysts as a resource that goes further than a quarterly check-in. Katie is hoping to lead a program at Connect2 where clients are able to communicate with analysts in the time between the quarterly reports. This process would ensure that the analysts are delivering exactly what they need to on briefings and quarterly updates.

The role of an analyst…

Another subset of Katie’s role in Analyst Relations is synthesizing market research. One way of combining market research includes receiving briefings from vendors. Vendors, otherwise known as clients, report on market needs and shifts. Analysts help the vendors by giving them advice in their briefings, such as which products or services to sell, who should be buying them, and who the vendors should be targeting. In other words, analysts are expected to have their fingers on the pulse of the market.

Analyst relations vs. media relations…

Katie explains to colleague and co-host Millie that there is a crucial difference between analyst and media relations (MR). In an analyst relations role, you are working to shape your message and gain support from market influencers. In media relations, you are seeking to build awareness, coverage and thought leadership. While MR focuses primarily on coverage that seeks to help the market understand your intent, AR looks for feedback from analysts to help you better shape your target market.

Hear more...

If you've enjoyed these takeaways be sure to listen to our full interview linked below. Also, be sure to listen to, rate and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadio or Soundcloud.


  • “I would say overall analyst relations is acting as a link, a key link between the industry analysts and your client.” (03:04-03:13)

  • “Analysts really have a pulse on everything happening in the market. Having a supporting quote or even an analyst for others in the community to tap as they're reading your service or product release, having a highly engaged person with the market that sees value in what you're doing, tells your audience that your product or service is important. And it really helps you stand out in what today is such a noisy marketplace.” (05:48-06:14)

  • “And while an analyst is not alluding to any confidential material ever, in any way, they know what the common trends are in the market, that maybe as a vendor with your head down and doing what your company is doing day to day, or working on the next product release that you may not think of. So, having that outside voice really acting as a partner to you is another key value to having a relationship with the analysts and nurturing those.” (07:24-07:53)

  • “Without recognition from analysts, firms, customers or prospects, you're risking to them your ability to be viewed as a serious player. So overall, visibility is so essential. If your client isn't focused on building analyst relationships, or having an AR program as a part of its PR stack, they're not only missing the opportunity to engage with analysts and be included in the reports, but missing the whole opportunity to have their opinions on the market.” (08:28-09:02)

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