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ConnectThe2 Podcast Season 5: Ep 5 - Emily McPhie, Broadband Breakfast

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

On this week of the ConnectThe2 podcast, we are joined by Emily McPhie, Assistant Editor at Broadband Breakfast. We discuss her role as an editor and journalist, the non-profit she started in high school and what tech stories are capturing her attention right now. 

Here are the biggest takeaways from our conversation. If you like what you’re reading be sure to listen to the whole episode linked at the bottom of this page.

How Emily got her start…

Broadband Breakfast is a news organization focused on broadband policy and internet technology. The publication has a great handle on the issues shaping rural broadband, the digital divide and the regulation of social media. Emily began working for Broadband Breakfast in May of 2019. While she started out as a reporter for Breakfast, she is now the assistant editor. When she is not editing, she is usually writing about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Code Open Sesame…

Emily’s fascination with technology, in particular coding and computer programming, started at a young age. It was her sophomore year of high school after taking a few computer science classes that she realized there weren’t many girls attending these courses. She decided to do something about it. Emily opened a summer camp later that year to teach girls how to code. Eventually, Code Open Sesame transitioned into a nonprofit organization that provides training in computer coding to underprivileged children across Southern California.

Education and the digital divide…

We were curious to know what Emily would cover if her beat was not technology. She explained that education would be her next area of interest, especially as it pertains to the digital divide. She noted that this has been a glaring issue that Breakfast has been covering a lot more lately since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so she would be interested to investigate this topic further as time progresses.

Hear more...

If you've enjoyed these takeaways be sure to listen to our full interview linked below. Also be sure to listen to, rate and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play or Soundcloud.

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