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ConnectThe2 Podcast Season 5: Ep 4 - Zia Askari, TelecomDrive

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Our guest on this week’s podcast joins us from New Delhi, India – Zia Askari, editor at TelecomDrive. This is the farthest podcast interview we’ve done with more than 7,000 miles between us, and we could not be more thrilled to have Zia join us. We cover a wide range of topics from Zia’s background in telecom to fast charging phones, virtual events and more.

Here are the biggest takeaways from our conversation. If you like what you’re reading be sure to listen to the whole episode linked at the bottom of this page.

Where it all began…

Zia’s background in computer science led him to roles at prominent companies in the telecommunications space like Huawei, RAD Data Communications and Shyam Networks, to name a few. The urge to venture out on his own was always there, though. He wanted to create a media platform that readers could trust and that did not cover the typical, sensational news that some media companies go after. That’s why he started his own media business, TelecomDrive, and when he began attracting readership in 2014, he knew it was the right decision. Zia mentioned he feels very lucky to have the associations he has now, and the confidence in the work he is doing is incredibly rewarding.

Lucknow or later…

Zia is from the not so small town of Lucknow, India. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh and home to almost three million people, Lucknow is known for its architecture, aeronautics industry and one-of-a-kind cuisine. Zia explained to us that Lucknow is not just a place, but rather it is an idea or thought that one takes with themselves no matter where they are in the world.

His favorite place to visit is in the older part of the city, Bara Imambar, a marvelous 18th-century hall that contains a labyrinth of interconnected passageways and courtyards. Maybe Zia will give us a tour one day – we can only hope!

Favorite events to attend…

One of Zia’s favorite tradeshows to attend is the annual MEF event. He told us that at MEF events, he is able to generate a lot of valuable, relevant content for his readers, and it’s also a chance to meet some of the greatest minds in the telecom space. He also mentioned that he is looking forward to attending Mobile World Congress in 2021, as well as upcoming virtual events including Cisco Live and ADTRAN’s CONNECT event.

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